Saturday, October 29, 2016

Paglia on Hillary


The woman is a disaster!’: Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton

I've always sort of admired Paglia, and
will certainly vouchsafe her intellect.  To wit:

[...] Paglia does not sleep with men — but she is, very refreshingly, in favour of them. She never moans about ‘the patriarchy’ but freely asserts that manmade capitalism has enabled her to write her books.

As for male/female relations, she says that they are far more complex than most feminists insist. ‘I wrote a date-rape essay in 1991 in which I called for women to stand up for themselves and learn how to handle men. But now you have this shibboleth, “No means no.” Well, no. Sometimes “No” means “Not yet”. Sometimes “No” means “Too soon”. Sometimes “No” means “Keep trying and maybe yes”. You can see it with the pigeons on the grass. The male pursues the female and she turns away, and turns away, and he looks a fool but he keeps on pursuing her. And maybe she’s testing his persistence; the strength of his genes… It’s a pattern in the animal kingdom — a courtship pattern…’ But for pointing such things out, Paglia adds, she has been ‘defamed, attacked and viciously maligned’ — so, no, she is not in the least surprised that wolf-whistling has now been designated a hate crime in Birmingham.

Girls would be far better advised to revert to the brave feminist approach of her generation — when women were encouraged to fight all their battles by themselves, and win [full]


toadold said...

I wish I had enough money to invest in companies that make analgesic creams for severe butt burn. It's looking like a good after election speculation.

Anonymous said...

Camille, you are highly intelligent and politically astute. Show us yer tits.

Moo-lin-yan Nabo-li-don

Anonymous said...

^I'm with Moo!

Leonard Jones said...

A buddy of mine gave me a call and told
me to tune into a local TV channel at later
that evening. It was a repeat of an inter-
view of Paglia by Lauren Hutton. At some
point, Paglia made a comment about women
being fickle.

Hutton's jaw dropped and she replied "How can
you say that?" Paglia told her that "I ought
to know, I dated enough of them!" My buddy
Pollock Ted fell madly in love with her
because she was so brutally honest, and
that he liked that Albanian unibrow look
of hers.

Paglia is a lot like Christopher Hitchens,
both being that rarest of beings: Honest
old fashioned classic liberals. You could
disagree with them without being called a
Nazi or a racist.

Anonymous said...

Leonard, so yer buddy "Pollock Ted" is named after a fish? Or didja mean "Polack"?

Leonard Jones said...

Sorry, simple typo. Ted was a menacing
Kojak looking dude about 6'7" tall. The
one thing in the world that would set him
off was the double standards involving the
sexes. That is probably why he took to
Paglia the way he did.

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