Friday, October 14, 2016

Our Future?

—  You Utter Berks            

The University of Florida wants students to know that if they’re offended or scared by Halloween, there’s counselors on hand to walk them through the traumatic experience.

“October brings fall weather and Halloween,” the university wrote in a blog titled “Halloween Costume Choices” posted to its website Monday. [I am not making this up]]
Tommy Lee Smith


Anonymous said...

More make-work for otherwise unemployable "studies" and social work degrees; you know, the helping "professions".
Some out-of-work psychologist will no doubt come up with a syndrome for that "affliction" and get rich as an expert witness in courts.
Lt. COL. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Deplorable Helly said...

Now hold on; this deserves a little more consideration. Floridians — and their costuming — are a lot scarier than most people.

Often after a troublesome shopping trip in town, struggling to cope with strange languages and customs, I need my safe space under a beach umbrella.

Cheesy said...

Consumption of 'bath salts' must be much more prevalent than we thought...

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