Thursday, November 10, 2016

College Tumor Humor

There Will Be A Quiz

Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America, taking office at the end of President Obama's tenure. He won the Electoral College by a significant margin, although it appears that he may have lost the popular vote, or at least that it will be extraordinarily close.

And now the question remains: who is to blame for this turn of events? Who can I point the finger at and direct my anger towards? Turns out, there are a lot of people - as long as I don't have to look inward and blame myself for anything.

I understand that your college professors are overwhelmingly (9-1) flaming liberals.  But, puh-leeeze ... .  I mean, there must be some dissenting voices.  Do you jeer them out of the classroom on the spot?  Or wait until you're outside before you beat the shit out of them?

Here's one more;

"4. The Democratic Party"

Hey Democrats - by doing everything in your power to squeeze out populist candidate Bernie Sanders, you crushed a major part of your base and screwed yourself over! If you would have just nominated a 75-year old self-identified democratic socialist, HE TOTALLY WOULD HAVE CONVINCED MIDWEST WORKING CLASS VOTERS TO GO FOR HIM. Bernie's approval numbers are great right now, in the reality where he wasn't the candidate for president and therefore Republicans had no incentive to run a massive McCarthyism-esque smear campaign against him. I'm sure with every screaming pundit in America screaming about "socialism" 24/7, America still TOTALLY would have gone for the oldest person ever to run for president.
Y'all entirely miss the point.  No Democrat was getting in the way of this tidal wave.  Your time was up, LoFos.    [FULL]


Tom Smith said...

More people voted against her........She also got a large percentage of non-college white people and even more non-high school blacks.

Anonymous said...

The maddening thing is 40% of millennials don't buy into this horse shit. Less will as time goes on. But you can't call out any of it while you're there. I had a professor tell me early on that when writing a paper "the first rule is to know your audience." He meant college professors. He told me to tell the people grading papers what they wanted to hear, and to keep my head down. I wrote so many garbage papers about lefty topics it was hilarious.

You can't be a dissenting voice on campus without being a racist or a sexist. You just can't right now. Especially as part of faculty. Your career is generally over when you dissent -- killed by purple haired freak gender studies majors.

We had a girl walk out one day when he showed up in an "All Blacks" rugby t-shirt because it was "offensive". They love to be outraged and will do so at the slightest provocation, real or imagined.


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