Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Media Diarrhea

There can't be too many of these mash-ups -- this one is a real beauty.


Eskyman said...

Oh, those media elites sure liked to laugh at, point fingers at, and mock Donald Trump, didn't they! They just couldn't get enough of calling him a clown, and bathed in the wonderful reflection that soon they would be telling their viewers, "I told you so!" and imagining all the wonderful ways they could kick their defeated enemy (that would be us) while we begged for the mercy that they wouldn't give us. Now the shoe's on the other foot!

That wonderful mashup isn't the only one, but it is one of the best. I still want to see one where it shows all the shock and horror those same mockers experienced as the dreadful truth was revealed; some of them literally went to pieces and cried on set! I want to bathe in the lamentations of those women and girly-men, and celebrate their downfall! Over and over and over again!

Perhaps some enterpreneur will cash in on this wonderful opportunity by releasing a "Best Of Media Fail" DVD, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

Esteve said...

My favorite is the smug Obama. I've seen it several times and it still makes me smile.

toadold said...

"schandenfrudenboner" apparently refers to the erection one gets at the demonstrations of stupidity of the left.

"Threats to Electors if they don't change there votes to Hillary." That one makes "my nipples hard enough to cut glass."

Anonymous said...

I think the symbol of the new Democrapic Party is this booger eater guy that has gone viral. -Anymouse


JimB said...

Funny how "Reach across the aisle" become the watchword of the day whenever Democrats get their clocks cleaned. Other times all I hear is "elections matter" and "it's all settled"

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