Saturday, November 19, 2016

Poor babies

—  You Utter Berks            

Rude; Boorish; Stupid

Nightmare for future employers

What is it going to look like the first time these college kids are out in the real world and their boss yells at one of them? Can you imagine their panic when they realize there's no pony in the next room that they can stroke to make them feel better? If they have an argument with their co-worker will they have to go home because their employer didn't supply a room for coloring or play-doh? College kids are getting ready for the real world, but they won't find crying rooms out there.

Not to mention the state of high boorishness as DISPLAYED HERE 


rickn8or said...

I suppose this is better than the hijinks at UMass:

Tom Smith said...

Thanks Obama...........and I mean that

toadold said...

Mean while some possibly good news. I was reading at Instapundit that the hold up on Mattis is that there is a rule that he had to be retired for 7 years before he could hold the office of Sec. Def. However there is precedent for congress passing a waiver. It is starting to look like there are enough votes to get the waiver so Mattis could hit the ground with both boots.

toadold said...

Actually, from what I've read in the past, one of the reasons that a lot of firms outsourced to English speaking firms overseas is that they couldn't find enough college grads in the US that could actually read and understand manuals and had attention spans greater than the average fruit fly.

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