Saturday, November 19, 2016


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We Know Better What Best For US You

They don't even  use this bogus excuse anymore

Why is anyone surprised that Microsoft Corp, and Founder Bill Gates, poured cash into Hillary's campaign war chest? Easy.  Liberal rules begin with the premise that they know what's best for me, ergo it's okay to wipe out competition that becomes a threat to their domination.  Same as what Dems just tried ... again.

Am I right? 

Damn right.   My breaking point, this time, is that MS pricks decided too many people were using the best image viewer/management system on God's earth
IrfanViewin lieu of their embedded product. And And I'm not alone.
My hope is the new AG will file criminal charges against MS Corp, and fine them $2 trillion for predatory business practices. And, btw, Apple in no better.

PS- I still haven't forgiven MS for what they did to LOTUS 123. Buncha bastids!


Tom Smith said...

Loved Lotus123..........

Anonymous said...

Excel was crap (and still is). MS created Windows solely to get rid of 123. IrfanView 4.35 is still available and handles animated GIFs way better than 4.4. You need to set it as the default program for images in the Control Panel for Windows 10.

Anonymous said...

I've made my living with Excel for going on 25 years now. I've only had to completely relearn the program three times (thanks Billy). And yes, I still remember at least a dozen Lotus quick key commands. In 1991 I could blast out a spreadsheet faster than is possible today. -Anymouse

Eskyman said...

I still use Irfanview 4.37; does all I want, haven't found a reason to upgrade it.

Every time something like this happens, I rejoice that I still have Win 7 Ult, running just the way I want it. So glad I never "upgraded" to the concentration camp known as Win 10! (GWX Control Panel saved me.)

Looks like 7 will be the last M$ OS I ever have, I don't like fascism in any of its forms and Win 10 is all about control. M$ has it, you don't, and you don't own that operating system (whether it was 'free' or not;) you only get to use it at their command, for as long as you jump through their hoops and stay in their good graces.


Steve Bensen said...

Go to Settings, Updates, "For Developers" and select "Sideload Apps" or "Developer mode". Simple.

MAX Redline said...

IR still works for me in Win10....

Anonymous said...

MS or Apple, this is why I use Linux.

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