Monday, November 21, 2016

Dan has some Balz ...


Oh, the hubris

This WaPost Analysis "Donald Trump, America’s first independent president" begins smartly enough:

Viewed through any conventional lens, President-elect Donald Trump’s candidacy was improbable from start to finish. Today, two things about his victory seem to be in sharper focus: one, that Trump’s victory might best be understood as the success of the country’s first independent president, and second, that the Trump coalition may be even more uniquely his than President Obama’s has turned out to be. "

But  Dan Balz quickly reverts, like the paranoid schizophrenic gone off his Lithium Kool-Aid, to the "fantasy."

" Think again about how he prevailed. There are a handful of major events during a general election that give the nominees a chance to showcase themselves, their judgment and their vision. One is the selection of a running mate. Another is the staging of the conventions. A third is performance in the debates. Hillary Clinton did better than Trump on all three tests, though Trump’s team believes the debates did not fall so decisively in her favor.

Clinton raised more money than Trump. She had a larger number of paid staffers on the ground in the battleground states. She ran more television ads by far. He created needless controversies throughout the general election, while her problems were far fewer. Only in the final days did he seem surer of himself.

In other words, Trump came out the loser on virtually every aspect of how campaigns are usually evaluated."

 "Her problems were far fewer..." GAK!  Rabid dog ...


Esteve said...

Allow them their fantasies and Trump will always be three steps ahead of them as they flail at their vision of who he is.

Chris in NC said...

In what world can Kaine, a fucking looney tune, be better than Pence in any way whatsoever?? They truly are delusional.

drew458 said...

Pretty sure Trump could have paid for the entire campaign from his checking account. And if Clinton did better in the debates - which I disagree with - how much of that was from getting fed the questions ahead of time? As for the convention, well, who really cares?

I am very pleased that Trump is running his transition out of some office building somewhere, and doesn't feel the need for some egoistic "Office of the President Elect" complete with his own seal. Gak, that was so friggin' tacky.

Linda Fox said...

He came out worse on every metric.

Except, of course, for the only one that mattered.

He won.

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