Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Andrea Bocelli, hammered by liberals

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, liberals have done everything in their power to alienate anyone and everyone even remotely associated with him. Now, they’re taking things to a whole new level.

Last week, Trump approached blind singer Andrea Bocelli about singing at the January 20th inauguration. Once fans got wind of the Italian tenor considering the invitation, social media was outraged. Liberals threatened to boycott Bocelli and his music if he took Trump’s offer.

Bocelli eventually declined the invitation, citing the backlash he was receiving from his fans, which Trump understood.

Can someone please explain why an inaugural ceremony is turning political? American already decided who they want to be their next president. It was decided on November 8th, again during the recount process, and a third time during Monday’s electoral college vote. The voters, the American people, decided who the next Commander-in-Chief would be and they chose Donald J. Trump. The inauguration isn’t political. It’s a celebration of the voters’ decision.

Bocelli’s fans should be ecstatic that he was invited to sing at such a prestigious ceremony, instead of threatening to boycott him if he took Trump up on the offer.
I don’t recall conservatives threatening to boycott BeyoncĂ© or Kelly Clarkson when they performed at President Obama’s inauguration ceremony in 2013. If anything, people were excited for the two entertainers.

Karen vanPrice, Darlo Blazecic, et. al., are emblematic of  the schooled but uneducated Hillary LoFos who have the political sophistication of a door mouse and the tolerance of, well, useful idiots who historically grease the skids of all dictatorial movements.


Unknown said...

Unlike the "rappers" that Obama repeatedly welcomed into the WH (and let them put their feet up on the HMS Resolute desk), Bocelli would have sung lyrics that wouldn't have to be censored for certain audiences (e.g. people with taste).

Skoonj said...

Trump may be down to Ted Nugent.

Unknown said...

Sheeit, I was hoping Ted would run for VP on a ticket with Sarah Palin! Failing that, Ted should definitely have a role in Trump's administration. How about Secretary of Telling Libs to Grow the Fuck Up?

Anonymous said...

Rotate Ted Nugent, Ann Coulter, and Dennis Miller through as press secretaries.

Skoonj said...

I'm not so sure Trump will need a press secretary. If he just denies credentials to ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN (for good cause), he can hold a news conference in front of Fox, Drudge, and Breitbart. Really no need for a press secretary,

Anonymous said...

The "obvious" place best for Ted Nugent in the Trump administration is as director of BATFE. Just sayin'.

Sir H the Comet

Dan said...

Good gracious. These libs are just a bunch of silly people.

I think it was GHW Bush who said it: They're like cockroaches. It's not what they eat or carry off, it's what they fall in and mess up.

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