Friday, December 23, 2016

Beck and Bee


"Sam is quite good at what she does . . . freakin whacked out, but good.  Beck is not stupid, but he is nuckin futz.

Whoever wrote this (prob’ly Sam), it is good stuff, despite the politics"
(Ron Metzger)

Beck was raised Roman Catholic (what's the second largest church in the United States? Answer: Ex-Catholics); is now a Mormon.  He's been a target of the left since his gig on CNN, where leftists mounted a sponsor boycott. The intensity of the Left's hate intensified after he moved to FOX, where his show was top rated.  The likes of Soros's Moveon.Org went balls out with a second sponsor boycott (to this day I refuse to purchase Sargento Cheese products).  Fox put pressure on him as well, and he suffered an apparent nervous breakdown.  I like Beck, and admire his ability to "turn the other cheek," as Christians are obliged to do; something I have great trouble with. Sigh.

Anyway, I agree with Metzger to a great extent, but take exception to his Beck's gratuitous attacks on us good guys, which cause me to give him just a C+.


Eskyman said...

Ohhh... kay.... (cautiously stepping away from the intense weirdness, but never taking my eyes away to ensure they're not coming after me.)

Is this the Twilight Zone? He's totally insane, and she makes him look normal. Eating each other's heads?

Time to re-open the insane asylums, I reckon!

Anonymous said...

Glenn who?

Esteve said...

Glen is looking for increased cash flow from any available source. Seems the "principled" man has no principles.

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