Monday, May 08, 2006

Glenn Beck's CNN debut causes uproar

Today's Liberal Joke
Media lefties, like Eric Altermen, who said “no person in the world, save Osama bin Laden, has done as much damage to New York City as George W. Bush,' and then wrote a book titled ''What Liberal Media?'' crack me up. Liberals are up in arms over the debut of  a new CNN Headline News show tonight, because it's hosted by conservative talk show guy Glenn Beck.  Matthew Sheffield  cites reports that  Beck is the subject of an orchestrated e-mail campaign from the left, who want him off the air.  Jokes abound over how long before CNN folds, and fires him to assuage their ''progressive'' base.

Got that?  The media isn't liberal, but they don't want Beck to have a show on CNN because ... ?  Maybe Alterman can explain that in his next book.  BTW, my favorite Eric Alterman quote came during the Clinton impeachment.

"If you cheat on your wife, you have to lie about it. . . . It's no big deal."

Alterman is liberal treasure.  Yes he is.


Anonymous said...

I know where that screen shot came from.
Geeze that show has has gone downhill fast.
Kinda like the Republicans with the spending controls....

Anonymous said...

I swear, the moment I saw that screenshot, this haiku popped into my head:

Air America
Passes like a hot breeze
Man, who cut the cheese?

I'd gladly credit the original author, if only I knew who it was.

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