Thursday, December 22, 2016

Peace on Earth, but not the bedroom

Mr. Smith


Esteve said...

But no goodwill toward men!

toadold said...

Those girls must really like their daddy to go along with that photo. I remember a guy who had 7 kids. One of them was a boy. He was always out in the woods hunting or fishing. His dad asked him why he liked those sports so much, the kid said, "I don't all that much, but it is the only way I can get some peace and quiet from all the women in the house. The twins will get a gleam in their eyes and start stalking me with ribbons and bows,then I know it is time to get away until dinner time.

DonM said...

Actually. Peace on earth to men of goodwill.

David said...

I have two daughters and a son. When my son and his twin sister were about a year old, my wife returned to work. She called me one day to tell me that she had to work a little late. I picked up the kids from daycare on my way home. About an hour later the kids were playing and I was getting dinner together when my wife got home. She had not had a good day, she was angry and frustrated. As she slammed she purse down onto the table and started ranting about some problem at the office my son started crying.

In a moment of either insanity, or genius, depending on who you ask - I scooped my son up and said "Time to learn about hiding in the garage." as I rushed through the room and out into the garage.

Once we were in the garage I set him on the workbench, moved a few sharp things out of his reach and then told him "Now is the hard part - figuring out how long we have to stay out here before it is safe to go back in the house..."

pdwalker said...


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