Thursday, December 22, 2016

Their time is almost up ...

Stuff  that interrupted my yuletide reverie
why should I stew by myself?

Exclusive: ISIS Puts Out Holiday Attack List Of U.S. Churches
The Islamic State published the names and addresses of thousands of churches in the United States and called on its adherents to attack them during the holiday season, according to a message posted late-night Wednesday in the group’s “Secrets of Jihadis” social media group.

Obama Administration Scraps Entry-Exit Tracking System for Migrants from Muslim Countries

WikiLeaks: Podesta and Left-Wing Activist Plot ‘Catholic Spring’
Longtime Clinton confidante discussed infiltrating the Catholic Church with progressive ideology to foment revolution

Prince Charles Urges Brits To Think Of Muhammad This Christmas
Speaks Out Against ‘Aggressive Populism’


the political doctrine that supports the rights and powers of the common people in their struggle with the privileged elite;

*populism: as used by today's 'crats
noisy and/or militant mob mentality fostering anti-intellectualism, which operates from primitive emotional instincts rather than from civil, substantive disagreement.

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