Saturday, December 31, 2016

What am I missing here?

(Via Reuters) […]  Republican John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said on Friday that Russia must face a penalty for the cyber attacks and that is was possible to impose many sanctions.

“When you attack a country, it’s an act of war,” McCain said in an interview with the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1” while on a visit to Kiev. Blah-Blah-Blah
I think I speak for the greater nation that hoped the McCain-Palin ticket had won 2008.  Not just because it would have spared us the near demolishing of the Republic by the Kenyan; but because there was reason to hope the sonabitch would soon die in office and leave us with a potentially great President Palin. And, because he's unhinged.  Anyway, can somebody tell me what it was the Russians did with the "cyber attacks."  And, has any proof of said attack been shown?  And, even if Putin did somehow arrange for the Hillary-Podesta e-mails, illegally saved on an illegal cell phone, to surface, is he claiming they were counterfeit?  No?  Then, if the Russians did what he sad they did, shouldn't he be promoting a Medal of Honor for Putin?  For saving us from the final disaster,  a Hillary White House? 


Esteve said...

David Burge lays the whole "hacking" scandal out perfectly at @iowahawblog. The question "who's side is McCain on?" has been answered here many times and it ain't the right side.

Esteve said...

See rwnutjob in the comments below. I just hadn't made it that far.

bob said...

Putin ought to get a Pulitzer for doing the job the media should have done all along.

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