Thursday, May 12, 2016

Smoke one for Keith

Push 'em back --Way back

This simple brain teaser ...

This simple brain teaser will help evaluate your logical reasoning.
  • A genius can crack this one in just 10 seconds.
  • Bill Gates is said to have solved it in 20 seconds.
  • Harvard University alumni can do it in 40 seconds.
  • If you’ve found the right answer in two minutes, you are among the 15% of people who are the most intellectually gifted.
  • 75% of people found this puzzle impossible to solve and asked for a clue.
Here are five different shapes. The question is simple:


(I cracked it in 12 seconds.  I was wrong).

Lydie Denier former fiancée ....

When asked by Malzberg if she believes Clinton is getting a pass, Denier noted that the Clintons are “very powerful.”
In her article, Denier provides an emotional account of the moment she learned her fiancé was murdered:
I was at home in Laguna Beach, California when Matt Lauer’s voice filled the air around me. I had barely had time for my first sip of morning coffee while sitting in bed watching the Today Show.

A chill ran through my body as I stared at the television, unable to absorb the information and the face I had just seen flash across the TV. The man pictured had blond-gray hair, blue eyes, and a big white grin I knew only too well. In disbelief I walked to the television screen to get a closer look at his photo, his name clearly visible underneath. I didn’t have my glasses on, but still the blindness that I felt was not normal, I was in shock. His photo was replaced by images of flames in the background.

Matt Lauer continued to report. “Reuters and AFP are reporting that the American ambassador to Libya, along with three other State Department workers have been killed in an attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi. A Greek contractor with the US Mission in Benghazi is telling NBC that he identified the body of Ambassador Chris Stevens in a Benghazi street earlier today.”

I wanted to run or to scream but I couldn’t. My knees were shaking and unable to move. I felt a sharp pain pierce my heart. My blurry vision was getting worse as I thought “Oh God, what is going on?” A wave of nausea washed over me but I sat, frozen to my spot on the bed, staring intently at the television screen.

“It couldn’t be him,” I tried to convince myself. “It has to be a mistake; it must be another Chris Stevens.”

Then his picture reappeared. I grabbed my glasses and now I could see without a doubt that there was no mistake; It was my Chris, my skinny chicken and he was gone… forever.

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Rape Synop


Hillary knew what her husband was doing and yet, over and over again, she helped him cover it up and destroy the women, portraying them as stalkers, blackmailers and loons. As one of Bill's mistresses, former Miss Arkansas Sally Perdue, told the Daily Mail (U.K.), Hillary has a "vengeful, spiteful ugliness ... And she's championing women's causes?"

Under Hillry

Hillary Clinton laughed as the person introducing her omitted “under God” from the pledge of allegiance.

Wednesday, during a campaign rally at Camden County College in New Jersey, the woman said,

“Only Hillary can bring us together as one nation und, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

After the woman said “one nation,” she can be heard beginning to say under, but then caught herself.

The Daily Caller, through which I found this story, threw in this (Do you think 'under God' ought be admitted) poll. Generally speakingwhy bring it up, unless you want to revive an idea promulgated by professional atheists?  I'm just saying.