Friday, July 01, 2016

Too many Bronzed Whit Guys

DEM RACISTS/RACIALISTS                                

Interior Secretary: More Diversity Needed In
National Monuments – ‘Bronze White Guy’ Too Prevalent

“If you drive around Washington, D.C., in every circle and every square you generally see a bronze white guy – sometimes on a horse, sometimes not - you have to work really hard – like in front of the Indian embassy you’ll find Mahatma Gandhi,” Jewell said. [Full]

Must I explain it to Ms. Jewell?
Of course not.
Waste of time.

The Red Finger of Fate

My Goal Fun

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Two days ago I heard MoSup apparently sobbing; gasping for breath in the living room. Before I could get up she came into my office, iPad in hand, and tried to explain but could not, so she pointed at it.   I was immediately simpatico infected by her jag, and  began one myself.   Not at "My Goal," which I find ordinary, but her. 

 I asked "When was the last time you laughed that hard?"  Neither of us could remember.  Which got me thinking; when was the last time I had a paroxysm of laugh-weeping?  Maybe when we saw Something About Mary?"   A co-worker once told me this joke, and I laughed so hard that it was fully three days before I could tell it without going into another fit.  The worst case I ever had, though, was while hearing a joke told by a guest.  I was standing, had just taken a swig of beer, when the punch-line caught me.  Instant hypoxia;  fainted straight away. Just like that. I mean, collapsed without warning.  They thought I'd suffered a H.A. You'd think I'd remember what that joke was, but I don't.

FEDX v Obamunism

Beating Dead Horses Because They Aren't Really Dead
should be, but they ain't

FedEx: Not Just Delivering Packages, But Beating Arrogant Federal Prosecutors

Okay, these stories of—corruption is not the right word—attacks on the very underpinnings of our model government are now so many that it's difficult to comment anymore.  The only reason I'm doing so here is that I need them for my Project Nero. All of this, every word from 35,601 blog posts since 2002, and countless articles I managed to save over 5 years at Free Republic, and 6 months on Sondrak's blog, will be launched into deep space (I cannot give details) so that future historians can accurately report, and perpetuate, Obamunism's destruction of the world's last known bastion of hope and freedom, and hopefully will end with photos of every last one of them uselessly begging forgiveness from their god figure Tofu.  
Lord Tofu