Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Got Junk?

a major award                                                 

Did mom tell you there isn't anything
you can't achieve if you work hard enough?
And never give up?

Here, maybe.   But

She lied. Not only thatthe actual winner is living in some undiscovered rain forest hut.

Donald Trump's support

At least some are beginning to hedge their bets. The answer (not contained in the Daily Grind column) is puh-leeeeze.  The "progressive" media have, since ca. 1984, used their stranglehold on print and televised media to shape elections. They use their own  exit polling (like the infamous V.P.S.) to discourage  conservative voters.  They print rigged polling results.  They heap ridicule on anybody deemed too conservative. But this is a new ball game.

The "silent majority" that swept Reagan into office have always been there, but until now they haven't despised the nation's leadership enough to seethe.  And there's Trump's opponent, Hillary.  A poll just taken by a CBS news station in Virginia shows an astounding  82% want "Hillary Clinton criminally prosecuted."  I will not be the slightest surprised if, before her nomination, she "stars" in another of the myriad "strange deaths" that are a Clinton hallmark. Ahem.

Right now you can make book on President Trump.  What's up in the air is: will voters punish those in congress (every Dem and quite a few Republicans) that have marched in Obama's army of destruction?



That moment ....

That moment when you realize he was going for a double cheek kiss.