Sunday, July 24, 2016

A rose by any other name ...

Stu Tarlowe: "The lady loves a....... rose?"

Darrow-Chesterton Duel

  Darrow v. Chesterton

This video provides some clarification and demonstrates the sham that was the Scopes monkey trial that was initiated by the ACLU. Clarence Darrow went head to head with William Jennings Brian. It also includes the dramatic reenactment of the eventual debate between Darrow and G.K. Chesterton.  A real treat.

5 minute butter


5 minute butter

A few weeks ago I discussed "MAKE BUTTER; SAVE $."  Yesterday was time to restock.  I poured a quart of heavy cream into my Cuisinart and pressed go.  While the machine was whirring away me and Mosup watched the bird activity on our various feeders.  A glance at the machine 5 minutes later showed nothing was moving, so I stopped it and voila!  Done.  However, when I plopped it all into a bowl it hit me. Where's the butter milk?  I dipped a pinky into the creamtasted like very sweet butter, so what the hell.  I filled two storage containers and put them in the Fridge. 

But wait!  Why wasn't there any butter milk?  Horry Clap! Did I just make whip cream?  To test it, I made a grilled cheese sammich using the new butter on the rye bread.  Worked fine.  Still, I went back to my original post and this popped out: " .... and in about 18-20 minutes I had a big ball of butter. "  I was done in 5 minutes, so yes, I did make whipped cream (minus the sugar). This morning I buttered MoSup's bagel with it and she said it tasted properly delicious.

I think the difference in this 5 minute butter is that it's unsuitable for baking; won't help in rising.  Don't care.  We'll use this butter for slather, and store bought for baking.  There is also the posibilty that this quick butter will just melt in a few days, and I'll have to try and salvage it with another go in the Cuisenart.

But here's a disconcerting reality.  While there are just 51 calories in a TBS of heavy cream, there are prolly (if I made them) 4 TBS (+ sugar) heaped atop these cupcakes. And nobody would give it a mind. But what if I gave you this dessert with almost a half-stick of raw butter on top? Same thing. Would I think twice?  You bet.

Being a food scientist has ups and downs; joys and disappointments.  Your welcome.