Friday, September 02, 2016

I've NEVER felt safer !

"I took down my Rebel flag (which you can't buy on EBAY
any more) and peeled the NRA sticker off my front window. I disconnected my home alarm system and quit the  Neighborhood Watch.

I bought two Pakistani flags and put one at each corner of the front yard.
And, I purchased the black flag of ISIS (which you CAN Buy on EBAY) and ran it up the flag pole.

Now the local police, sheriff, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Secret Service and other agencies are all watching my house 24/7. I've NEVER felt safer and I'm saving $69.95 a month that ADT used to charge me.

Plus, I bought burkas to wear when I shop or travel. Everyone moves out of the way and security can't pat me down. If they say I'm a male wearing a burka, I just say I'm feeling like a woman today.

Safe at last. Is this administration great or what ?"
General Petty Officer 5th Class Skyhawker Doug

But they'd never try that here!

Islamic school in UK teaches Europe is the land of Evil

Hey There!

Which means they're not ...

Hey There!

Mexican Pole Vaulters


A Switcharoo


Speaking before a crowd in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, Democrat vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine argued for the very thing his running mate, Hillary Clinton, has been resisting her entire campaign — he suggested that voters deserve to know about a candidate’s health and likely foreign involvements that could be risky.

“You want to know if we’ll disclose our finances, so you can understand how we’ve managed our own household or business and see if we owe anybody anything,” he said.

“We want to make sure that candidates aren’t involved in any foreign entanglements that could impact our national security, and we want to know that they’re in good-enough health to perform their duties,” Kaine added. “When candidates are on the up-and-up, they have no problem disclosing information on all these points. You have a right to know. You have a right to expect, and a candidate that’s on the up-and-up has no problem giving you the facts.” [Full]


This is brilliant strategy.  All America know that Hillary Clinton is going to lose as many as 50 states in November.  Well, maybe not New York.  So what's going on here is this.  Tim Kaine's "gaff" positions him as the moderate to replace Hillary at the top of the ticket after she a) drops dead; b) falls into a coma, or 3)  voluntarily withdraws for health reasons.   

When this happens Kaine, with the media doing cartwheels 24/7, will  leap and bound over Trump in the polls (and likely  win the election). The question is, will this happen before or after the scheduled debates? I'll guess after, because that gives Kaine the benefit of the doubt about his capabilities and allow the media to define them. Establishment saved!

Daily Mail Retracts

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Shivering me timbers

  Rancid Culture                       


And this: Black Teen on Probation Slaps 5 Yr-Old Girl on School Bus – School Defends it as Normal Behavior

I dunno, hang them?

“The point of departure for this course is based on the scientific premise that human
"98% of climate scientists unequivocally agree ...
induced climate change is valid and occurring,” said the professors. “We will not, at any time, debate the science of climate change, nor will the ‘other side’ of the climate change debate be taught or discussed in this course.”

“Opening up a debate that 98% of climate scientists unequivocally agree to be a nondebate would detract from the central concerns of environment and health addressed in this course,” they added.

For those who disagree with the course’s premise, “we respectfully ask that you do not

In an even partially, even minutely,  perfect world, those profesters would be stripped of tenure, fired, and then [your turn ....]