Wednesday, January 04, 2017


The Obamissariat                                      

Obama has clearly jumped the shark. Pollster Frank Luntz: says he's on a "FU Tour,’Trying to ‘Settle Scores’ With Republicans' ". Now, evidently, he's also channeling Gen. Jack D. Ripper, the Dr. Strangelove character intent on nuking the Soviet Union. I would say imitating Bill Clinton bombing Iraq, to distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal, except Obama's is the act of a madman, and that was the act of a lascivious liar trying to cover his tracks without putting us in any real danger.  So. What to do?

Impeachment is out of the question.  No time. However, the (series) 24 story line, where "Vice President Jim Prescott gathers the Cabinet members, and by one vote, David Palmer is removed from office under the provisions of the 25th Amendment (WIKI) is a good alternative. Yes, Biden will become a weak one week president, with lifetime SS protection, but what the hell.


Skoonj said...

Newspaper account wasn't nearly as excited as this, though I was similarly anxious. It seems the Russians have been moving ballistic missiles and SAMs to the area, and NATO has sent some help. The Baltic states have been especially jittery because of Russian moves, and they are NATO allies. Yes, it looks bad, but I suspect it was timed and worded to get a negative reaction from Trump. I hope he doesn't go for the bait.

pdwalker said...

Why the fuck would any officer charged with defending the US, take such blatantly war mongering orders? Do they want to start a war?

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