Monday, January 09, 2017

Winning Whine


When the old man was doing Christmas you could (if of age) drink soda or Manhattan's [Jim Beam, a pinch of sweet vermouth and lots of ice]  That's it. The only people drinking were me, him and my b-i-l.  Now, I've had to change the bar menu.  Cater to kids, and their spouses, all of whom drink.  Wine.  That's all. Wine. 

So, no Dec 23rd I told my sommelier to put together a case of wines, mostly white, with some red Argentinean wine, which I'd heard good things about.  The jury is in.  The overwhelming winner (based on MoSup telling me it was the "best ever," and all the girls thought so too) is Moscato D'Asti.  I didn't try it, but since it's made in Asti (Italy), I'll guess it tastes like spumante without the bubbles.  No matter.  I like it when she drinks wine (which is seldom), so will be buying more of it.  You should too, especially if you're single and having a party.

You're welcome.


jlw said...

give an Argentinian malbec a try.

also, a Chilean carmenere

Pawpaw said...

My gal drinks only Beringer Red Muscato.

SA-X4 said...

This is what you want... Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Wine, the way classy people get sh*t faced!

Anonymous said...

Too pricey for the product.
While I like some proseccos, it's hit and miss.

Is there a grocery chain near you called ALDI?


Test out their wines ($5.99-$8.99 ONLY...never more!) over the course of a year.

I guarantee you'll find some Italian and German (and other) GEMS among the flotsam and jetsam.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:34 unfortunately for us Aldi's cannot sell alcohol here in Rhode Island. Stupid law if you ask me but, I am not a native. We love our Aldi's and most everything we have bought there has not only been an outstanding value but, as good as or better than the name brands elsewhere.


Regnad Kcin said...

In western Oregon lies a 150 mile stretch of heaven on earth called the Willamette Valley. The grapes that grow there are blessed by the Hand of God and turned into the some of the best, most drinkable wines in this country. The Pinots and Merlots will leave you breathless and the prices are decently affordable. This place should be on everyone's bucket list....

Anonymous said...

"In western Oregon lies a 150 mile stretch of heaven on earth called the Willamette Valley."

The Indians called it "The Valley of Death". It had something to do with air currents, or the lack of 'em. You can still see that when they're burning grass seed in Albany (which the rest of the time smells like a cat's litterbox, from the pulp mills) and the smoke settles over I-5 and there's a 100 car pileup.

Great wines, maybe. But "Heaven on Earth" doesn't have The People's Republic of Eugene smack in the middle of it.

Anonymous said...

I make ours at home for about three bucks a bottle. Not to brag, but some folks who know what they're talking about, liquor professionals and what-not, think it's pretty dang good. The reason I'm not bragging about it is because it's really pretty simple, so simple an idiot can do it and I'm proof of that, according to Mrs.

She told me the other day that if ignorance was bliss, I must be the happiest man on the planet. And it must be true, because God knows she's never wrong.

Sir H the Comet

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

Oh boy! A great post that's near and dear to my heart. My love for good wines(Not expensive! It don't have to be expensive to be good) goes back to 1970 when I was in Liquor and Wine advertising. So, I just have to make a few comments on some of the above.

I absolutely agree on the positive comments concerning Argentinian and Chilean wines. Our local Kroger has been running specials for over a year on Aconga Malbec from Argentina for only $3.99 a bottle - Great with just about anything off the grill. But my "Go-To" favorite is just about every "Flavor" of Gato Negro (Black Cat) wines from Chile which can be had locally for about $5.49 a bottle. All of their varieties are very good.

Another "Must Try" brand from another commenter's reference to Aldi, is their own "Flirty Bird" brand of Spanish wines. I have tried them all and love them, especially at $5.99 a bottle.

Now for my one bit of criticism; I gotta' admit I have only tried Moscato once. My neighbor offered me some and I hated it. It's flavor reminded me of my youth in Florida when us guys would drink M-D 20-20, or Wild Irish Rose or Showboat and later on after trying Boone's Farm. Sweet, syrupy tasting soda pop with a kick!

But, as has been said so very often, "Opinions are like Ass Holes - Everybody has one." We wine drinkers are no different. So drink what ya' like, you will anyway.

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