Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dear Susan:


Dear Susan, You ignorant slut ....

Sen. Susan Collins said she thinks the Intelligence Committee could subpoena President Donald Trump’s tax records as part of its investigation into Russian interference in last year’s election if that’s where the evidence leads. -

But, Susan, what about...

Let’s be clear: Hillary Clinton did not lose the 2016 election because of Russian meddling or WikiLeaks.
And here is the proof: WikiLeaks began publishing its trove of Democratic National Committee emails on July 22, 2016, three days before the Democratic National Convention. By then, Hillary Clinton was already in a deep hole with American voters.

Long before WikiLeaks, Americans had concluded that Clinton was a congenital liar. (WaPost,  Marc A. Thiessen  January 9)

Surprise! WikiLeaks' Assange Backs Trump on Russia Hacking Report (Mother Jones)

It is clearly designed for political effect and US intelligence have been politicized by the Obama administration in the production of this report and a number of other statements."

You don't get mush further leftist than today's Wapost and Mother Jones. Wot. 
Further reading: GOP senator Susan Collins: Why I cannot support Trump

  • He demeaned Sen. John McCain (Ed: along with all but the addle minded)
  • He  repeatedly insulted Fox News host Megyn Kelly.
  • His inability to admit error or apologize (ED:No example of which is cited).
  • That revealed Mr. Trump as unworthy of being our president.
I don't think much of Susan Collins.  I also doubt we'll find any record of her subpoenaing records in re these. So, there's that.


rickn8or said...

In other news, it looks like Denny's back from the Internets Time-Out Corner.

He owes us some Saturday Boobages and AOTWs...

Anonymous said...

Once again, let's all pause for a minute and remember Robert De Niro holding a baseball bat, giving a pep talk about "teamwork". There are some republicants that could sure use a good pep rally. -Anymouse

Chris in NC said...

That WaPo article is dead on and great. Nearly every assertion is backed up with a link to a trusted leftist source. But if you look at the comments, you'll see why the left cannot be reasoned with.

Skoonj said...

A RINO is a retromingent.

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