Sunday, February 26, 2017

Keep right on Global Warming!

Hey There!


Anonymous said...

So, it's 70 degrees on a "winter" day and you have a johnny mop attached to your railing.

Anonymous said...

I remember Injun Summers. I also remember the agony of the sleet and snow that followed the three glorious summer-like days. How I hated that, when it hits next week listen to this and have a drink with an umbrella in it. -Anymouse

Helly said...

Happy Global Warming.

You're seeing nearly the same temps as Sarasota. The only thing is the Florida chill factor. Subtract 30 degrees and that's what it feels like to us.

I was biking today in a fleece jacket while a pair of northern girls walked by in bikinis.

Esteve said...

Thought you had skinned a squirrel but on second look figured a seed bag.

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