Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dear white male students: you are trash

Today's lesson:
how to condescend to minorities and still score liberal points

This photo, initially posted on Reddit, has quickly become viral. An unnamed teacher in Massachusetts, believing that her students were as shocked by Trump's election as she was, posted these equality-enforcement proclamations on the classroom wall. (via The People's Cube)


Anonymous said...

"Dear White Male Students, please enroll in trade school, go to work, and pay taxes so all of us make-believe people can keep living in a fantasy world." -Anymouse

Esteve said...

Anymouse wrote what I was thinking, "Regular ole boys not welcome here."

Anonymous said...

You know, there is a silver lining, the vast minority of Millinneals who weren't coddled growing up are experiencing a blue collar boom time working in infrastructure jobs. If you can weld, drive a skid steer or a class A rig, and take the heat, a young guy can make 75K a year and live in an area where cost of living is cheap. Take that candy assed, man-bun wearing Starbucks barista with a PHD. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

What I saw/read was another liberal dividing people into arbitrary categories in order to splinter the population. While I am thinking of it, WTF does the "+" include? Goat fuckers?
--General Petty Officer Fifth Class Skyhawker Doug

Drew458 said...

The leftist urge to categorize and to push people into being as weird as possible now includes the term "otherkin" which is a person who identifies as being semi-human and non-human. Seriously. I think they're generally trying to include those who identify as super-human; angels or other spiritual beings, but being sub-human or alt-human like man-bear-pig would also qualify, right? Ground apes too maybe?

JLW III said...

GPO5 Skywalker Doug:

No, those are taken care under the Muslims. Must mean something else.

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