Monday, February 27, 2017

SKYPE aannounces own death

Hey There!


Tom Smith said...

Thought that was a neat deal to chat with a friend over seas...........I guess there is no money in it.

jlw said...

@ Tom Smith
if i understand correctly, you can still chat with your friend. you just can't use hot spots.

i have, however, made a career out of being wrong.

Tom Smith said...

Let me be bitter for a moment.

toadold said...

Well Skype got in trouble when they started keeping the cameras and mikes live all the time and allowing intelligence agencies access all the time to look for terrorists, when the news of that leaked, the lawyers descended upon them. For a while people were taping over the cameras and mikes on their computers.
I'm surprised that they are still in business.

Eskyman said...

I was wondering how long I'd be able to chat with my friends in Australia on a video call for free. Looks like the hours are numbered! I've also been concerned with the security on Skype- I've just assumed that every spy in the world is listening in, and M$ is making notes; I still think that's the right way to look at it.

However, I've found what might be a replacement- called "Viber." It's free for computer-to-computer or phone-to-phone calls, and seems to work great! Picture quality on phone-to-phone from California to Perth, Australia was excellent. I've got it on my Android phone, and now on my PC. Apparently it's also available for iOS and Win10, but I can't say as I don't use either. Check it out:

Marc Cofer said...

Could it be an April Fool's joke? Notice the date of 03/31?

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