Sunday, February 05, 2017

Denzel, the smartest man if Hollywood?

Clap Calp Clap!

Hey There!

Doug Thompson


jlw said...


very well said.

Eskyman said...

Wonderful to hear some sense from a Hollywood inhabitant (though I wish he'd credited Mark Twain for his quote.)

The best part is how all the moonbat heads are exploding around him, as they try to sum up the PC quotient of his race + his employment + his fame + his status, and come up with- BEEP! Does. Not. Compute!!! (Another wish is that they'd shown the expressions on the 'reporters' faces, as they tried to grasp what they were hearing!)

I just love the colorful (and diverse!) display of exploding moonbat heads, don't you? It gives my heart ease, and lifts my spirits!

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