Monday, March 27, 2017

Droning on here boss

Police State Rising       


Case Dismissed Against Kentucky “Drone Slayer” for Shooting Down Spying Drone Flying Over His Property

In a recent ruling, a Kentucky man has prevailed in a lawsuit he faced over shooting down a drone that entered his property. While the question of where a drone can operate on private property remains to be answered, the ruling appears to be a victory for property owners.

William Meredith became known as the “drone slayer” in 2015, after he used a shotgun to dismantle a drone operated by David Boggs, that he says was flying over his property in front of himself and his daughter. Meredith initially faced felony charges of endangerment and criminal mischief for shooting down the drone. The criminal charges were dismissed by Judge Rebecca Ward in Bullitt County District Court, citing recollections from witnesses who said that the drone was flying under the tree line. Ward also said that Meredith was within his rights to shoot down the drone. [Both Barrels]

And This ...

GAH!  I think everyone instinctively understands the threat posed by drones, but the convenience of having packages delivered 30 minutes after placing the order, or hovering outside the honey next door's bedroom window will win the day. And then we'll pay the piper. These things are traffic cams on steroids.


rwnutjob said...

Drones are essentially government skeet.

Anonymous said...

My Daddy's Model 12 trap gun just aches for some drone action. You know that's gotta be satisfying. I think I may have just found a new shooting sport. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile back in Injun territory...Okies don't play

jon spencer said...

I still like this quote,
"Drones, skeet with prizes".

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