Monday, March 20, 2017



Not making the charts: Illegal Aliens
. Trump got 31.9% of the heathen vote.


Anonymous said...

28.4% of Muslims claim they voted for Trump? If that ain't taqqiya (or however in the fuck they spell it) I dunno what is!

Leonard Jones said...

Back in the 1992 campaign, I predicted that since the Democrat
party is party of factions, (some mutually exclusive groups like
labor unions and tree huggers for example,) that a loss of just
a few percent in any of their constituencies could destroy the
Democrats as a national party.

I thought that if enough union workers finally figured out that
their party was selling them down the river in favor of the tree-
hugger lobby, they would bolt to the GOP. If you look at the
coal country, The rust belt states like Wisconsin, Michigan and
Pennsylvania, they swung to Trump because there are no jobs to
be had in those states.

I also added that if the GOP picked up higher than normal numbers
of blacks and Hispanics, it would be GAME OVER! 13.9 percent is
about double what the GOP candidate normally gets He also over-
performed with Jews, Hispanics, women, gays and who knows who else!

I just looked it up: Trump got 43% of the union vote. Hillary
never saw the freight train that ran her fat ass over!

Anonymous said...

Hillary's fat ass run over by a freight train! If only that weren't just metaphor!

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