Saturday, April 29, 2017

Don't need no stinking crystal ball to know this

Center for Politics Poll Takes Temperature of Trump Voters at 100-Day Mark
— Respondents were deeply suspicious and distrusting of media. Nearly nine in 10 respondents (88%) said that media criticism of Trump reinforces that the president is on the right track, and the same percentage agreed with Trump’s assertion that the press is “the enemy of the American people.”

Some highlights from the poll and focus groups include:

— Respondents generally believed the country was headed in the right direction (70%) as opposed to being on the wrong track (22%), and two-thirds believed the economy has been improving since Trump took office. Yet the focus group respondents frequently expressed concern about how things in the country are going, using words like “terrible,” “upheaval,” “polarization,” “chaotic,” and “volatile” to describe the state of the country.

— The breakdown of strong approvers vs. somewhat approvers largely mirrored Trump’s relative areas of strength and weakness in the campaign amongst the broader electorate: Men were likelier to be strong approvers than women (44% of men were strong approvers vs. 39% of women); respondents over 65 were the only age group where strong approvers outnumbered somewhat approvers (48%-46%); and, amongst respondents with differing levels of education, strong approvers narrowly outnumbered somewhat approvers only amongst those with a high school education or less (49%-47%), while voters with at least some college education were likelier to somewhat approve than strongly approve. (Full data are available in the poll crosstabs, linked below.)


I suspect the next fake media poll will ... Oh, Wait ... Here

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Only one thing I need to know to approve of him 100%--NOT HILARY!

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