Saturday, April 29, 2017

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How realistic are New York apartments onTV shows?
From “Girls” to “I Love Lucy,” we break down the hovels, the dream pads and everything in between.
While some series portray New York real estate fairly accurately, many have turned a blind eye to what its characters would actually be able to afford in the Big Apple’s housing market. Carrie Bradshaw’s spacious studio with a walk-in closet? Trust us, newspaper columnists with a shoe addiction don’t live like this.


Skoonj said...

On NYPD Blue, apartment interiors are mostly correct for the rent you figure they pay. However, neighborhoods are often jumbled. Mind you, the 15th Squad seems to be almost anywhere. But when they talk about Stuyvesant Town, they make it sound like a high crime hangout for black drug dealers. I know it isn't like it started, when there were NO black people there, but over the years, even with an increase, it wasn't many black people when I left in 1970. It's been a long time since then, but I understand there have been security changes making drug dealer hangouts unlikely. The show used the name Stuyvesant Town many times, perhaps figuring viewers would confuse it with Bedford Stuyvesant, a high crime largely black area of Brooklyn. Since I left NYC I ran into several people who did confuse them.

When I was in elementary school, there was ONE Asian family in Stuyvesant Town, which lived near Stu. The daughter, Cecilia, was in my class at PS 61 elementary school. He father was from China, and worked as a translator at the UN. By the time I left in 1970, I has HEARD, not SEEN that there were one or two Hispanic or black families. While ST was originally set up as a place for returning WW2 vets, that eventually changed. But I could never see it as a drug dealer hangout.

Anonymous said...

Here's an affordable apartment in New York:
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Skoonj said...

LtCGT Dick, Yeah, that was funny. Also, you bring in Tompkins Square Park, another place the 15th Squad frequently had business. I couldn't tell much from the scenery of it they showed, but it was pretty close to me and Stu. From my place, walk up Ave B from 14th St. In two blocks on the left was PS 61. Two more blocks and that was where Tompkins Square Park was. i don't know if this still exists, but there was a public library if you just turn right as you got to 10th St. And that was it ... just four blocks.

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