Friday, April 21, 2017

Progressive Science *SPIT*

            Global Warming Fade-Out


"The scientific method is not a partisan issue, it's not something that should be divisive," said Harrison Hayward, a fourth-year UConn medical student organizing a Hartford rally, which will begin at noon at Mortensen Riverfront Plaza.

Scientists and academics in Connecticut and across the country will head out of the labs and into the streets on Saturday — Earth Day — to confront what one organizer described as a lack of respect for science among some members of Congress and President Donald Trump.

Harrison Hayward is today's poster boy for "Millennial With High IQ Who Flunks Critical Thinking 101" Because, well, he's suffered an average Millennial's education.  And become just another insufferable twat.

ASIDE:  When my old Blog blew up, I lost my list of  "Critical Thinkers," as Linda calls them.  So, when I wanted to go to the number one, most visited Scientific Method Climate Change site, I had a brain fart. Couldn't remember the name.  So I Googled Climate Science.  Nope.  So I tried "best climate change blogs."  And got this:

AHEM. "THINK PROGRESS" says it all.

Then, of a sudden, I remembered WATTS.  JAMES WATTS! So, if you're watching, Mr. Harrison Hayward, Start here.


Skoonj said...

Another is by Steve Goddard.

Another is a WATT product:

Anything by James Delingpole should be good.

Anonymous said...

I figger if the "scientist" will not allow examination of his raw data, he's jiggered his results to suit expectations.
And get next year's grant from Big Brother.

From the little I've read, the Anthropomorphic Global Warming...uhh... Climate Change crowd is rife with cherry picked "data" and models rather than empirical evidence, even to the point of going to court to avoid releasing raw data to skeptics or governments which paid for the data to be gathered and studied.

That's fraud, not science.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Cheesy said...

Tough to sift empirical data from a patient history that has only been recorded for a couple of minutes, with the patient's age being millennia.

Anonymous said...

The Anthropomorphic Global Warming crowd demonizes C02. I recall reading somewhere that a single "moderately active" volcano produces more CO2 in a year than all of human activity combined. And that, at any given time, there are 100 active volcanoes. That does not count undersea volcanos. If that's true, then human contribution is negligible.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Google "climate deniers should be shot"

Skoonj said...

I'm already half shot.

Kevin Dickson said...

The funny part is.....these people actually think the rest of us are paying attention to them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh (April 20) was discussing a Victor Hanson article explaining that California has not maintained or added to its water storage system since the 70's while the population has doubled. At the same time they are trying to build a high speed train to nowhere. Rush's take was that those in power in CA believe climate change is real, so there wasn't supposed to be any more water to store, so why bother to spend money that you could give away to illegal aliens or waste on a boondoggle. It's the best explanation I have heard so far, however appallingly stupid it may be.

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