Saturday, April 22, 2017


cinema à la carte                                 

I highly recommend that you watch "Brockmire" on the IFC channel.  You'll find that it pushes the bounds of everything that is decent and perverted.

1.  watch the "uncut" versions of the first two episodes if they are available to you

2.  make sure you watch it "solo"

Just sayin'

You can thank me later

cuzzin ricky

Whoa!  Is this another "9 Songs?"

After everyone was in bed last night, I subscribed to IFS on the iPad, put on headphones and let her rip. It begins with a baseball announcer (Hank Azaria, who I did not recognize because he usually looks like this.
—>)  taking a very big swig of red whiskey, and telling the audience how he went home last night, opened the front door where a lot of naked people, with his wife right in the middle, wearing a strap-on, was pounding the crap out of his neighbors backside ...

Now, that's an opening.  Segue to 10 years later. Amanda Peet, who I recognized, is the new owner of a failed minor league team.  She has lured him back from the far east where he was broadcasting cock fights from the Philippines, and such.  He has never heard of the internet, and has no idea his rant had gone viral on YouTube, and he's now an icon. 

I am laughing my ass off, and cannot wait for the next installments.  Oh, so far there have been no actual "9 Song" moments, but since Amanda Peet has in the past had no compunction about bearing all her lady parts, I wouldn't be surprised.

You're welcome


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Thank you cuzzin ricky

Anonymous said...

OK, Rodge, you know that a "cock fight" and a "cockfight" are not the same thing, right? Or maybe that's the point...

Anonymous said...

Caught all 4 episodes over the weekend.
Highly recommend. Hilarious.
I think what does it is the (very) filthy dialogue delivered in the old style "broadcaster voice".


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