Saturday, April 22, 2017




Revelation: Clinton Campaign Hatched Russian Hacking Narrative 24 Hours After Hillary’s Loss

This from Brietbart, which is supposed to write for the moderately informed political observer. Am I gone nutso? Am I possibly in a tiny majority who didn't write this off as a way obvious disinfo campaign from Soros Ink? Gah!


Esteve said...

Here's some good news to cheer you up. Former Congresswoman and certified moron, Corine Brown's trial for federal corruption begins Monday in Jacksonville. Kept in office for over 20 years by an absurd gerrymandered district and protected because of her party affiliation, she really thought she was untouchable. I guess she made Obama or someone angry and lost her protected status.

Anonymous said...

I believe that bogus theory was hatched way before the hillster lost the election. I seem to remember the night dem convention opened when the story first broke about the dnc emails and the collusion that was going on, there were all sorts of spokespeeps running to the networks blaming the Ruskies. Fallon, Robbie da Mook and several others were making the rounds that night screaming that the Russians did it, the Russian did it. The only one laying low at that time was Debbie Snagglepuss Wassupman and that was due to the material that was being released.

Over time they may have honed the message, ultimately to develop it to the "Mutha of All Excuses", but it started at the opening of the dnc convention. Let us remember that when Debbie Snaglepuss got relieved at the dnc, she was picked up by team hilster within five minutes. She never missed a heartbeat.


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