Monday, April 03, 2017

Vault of Horrors, But Who Cares

Wikileaks dump on the CIA: Vault 7


Anonymous said...

Silver Streak with Pryor and Wilder is a great movie. If you have never seen the original movie with that name you should try and track it down(pun intended) made in 1934. There is a Wikipedia listing.

Also, you should give the Simpsons another chance. They changed last year and have maintained a surprisingly even handed skewer---and yes, I am very sensitive to the libtard and demonrat propaganda. You only need to watch the first ten minutes of last nights episode with Mr. Burns going to visit Yale to see what I mean. They have improved by 1000% over what you remember.


Anonymous said...

mmm, Cheetos. think I'll add that to today's grocery shopping list.

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