Wednesday, May 31, 2017

But since you allowed Obama ...


Natural Born Citizenship: Free and Clear
The concept of natural born Citizenship is clear and concise, to anyone with a rational mind. Although some may wish to contort its meaning to fit the presidential candidate of their choice, natural law is incapable of such bias. It takes two parents to produce a child, one male and one female, but you would never know it if your source of information is the lamestream media. By its logic, only one parent is sufficient.

I just ran across Larry Walker Jr.'s site, and this piece, although  written pre-election (2016)  smacks me as deliciously informative. Check it out.


Drew458 said...

Children born in the USA to parents who are foreigners are NOT citizens. Period. That whole "anchor baby" thing is a deliberate misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. You want original intent, in case you can't understand what the amendment says? Go read the Congressional Record. It's all there. The whole debate. And the gist is, it specifically DENIES citizenship to the children born here to visiting parents. Whether that "visit" is legal or not is immaterial. The 1965 Immigration Act is illegal.

And I'm so sick and tired of hearing this. It's almost as bad as having to listen to Blacks get uppity over that "3/5s" bit in the Constitution. Fools.

Eskyman said...

Before Honest Ted followed in the footsteps of that other transparently honest creature Barack Obama, and sealed his records (totally honest thing to do, right?) I read that he had been born in Canada, where both his parents had become Canadian citizens through naturalization. Four years after his birth in Canada, he was brought to the USA, but never naturalized in this country.

Thus- born in Canada, to two Canadian citizens (regardless where those citizens were born) equals: One natural born *Canadian* citizen!

There's a serious question about what country he actually IS a citizen of now, since he publicly renounced his Canadian citizenship. Don't know about anybody else- but I sure wouldn't buy a used car from that guy!

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