Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sunshine on a rainy day


Anonymous said...

Well.....OK. Gowdy and Chafitz are masters of pithy sound bites and youtube videos. All well and good, but I, for one, am very much less interested in clever sound bites than the fact that Lois Lerner is quietly sitting on her patio sipping iced tea and cashing retirement checks instead of stamping out license plates in Leavenworth (yes, I know, federal pens don't make license plates, but the concept is valid).

There's no shortage of federal employees eligible for long stretches of license plate duty and Gowdy is peacocking his knowledge of federal court procedure with this idiot. When he gets around to applying that vast store of legal knowledge to start putting people behind bars, call me. Until then, this sort of $@# is Just Another Waste of Electrons.


Anonymous said...

Gowdy and Jim Jordan are the only representatives on any committee who know how to ask a cogent question and hammer away until they get a answer. The fact that the rest of the repubics are idiots and cowards are truly pathetic, that is why legions of dems are sucking away on Mai Tai's on a beach somewhere, collecting a check. Including Holder who should've been impeached after he was held in contempt.


Eskyman said...

If we had 100 Trey Goudys- and they disposed of one idiot judge every 8 minutes- how long would it take for California to have a Justice System using the Rule of Law?

(An exercise for the contemplative student. We all know that this will never happen.)

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Y'all are right. My vote for Trump was a vote against the GOP slugs who consistently fail to follow up ... Gowdy was my pick for AG, now he,s my pick foe SCOTUS.

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