Sunday, May 07, 2017



FishStyx said...

...and THAT'S why I quit watching SNL in the late '80s.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Did you watch this one? UBer atypical

FishStyx said...

Yeah, I watched it.
(I watch MOST things you post Your Highness. Your taste over the years has proven to be spot-on for my liking as a rule!)

I just get tired of these adult infants doing something that they see as mockery of "our team" and not having the self-awareness to notice that they've impugned themselves.

How many 1st-grade recitals do I have to go to and enthusiastically clap, politely smile, and (with a straight face) say how GOOD little Johnnies performance was?

It's gotten very old.

(Hope you and the family had a lovely weekend, BTW!)

Linda Sue O'Grady said...

All I want to know is... how can I adopt Max?

toadold said...

The interesting thing is where in the performance the audience laughs. Apparently "Trump Derangement Syndrome" by SJW's is getting ridiculous even to the SNL young Demographic.

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