Friday, May 19, 2017

The New Red Scare

Jonathan Barth received his Ph.D. in History from George Mason University in 2014. Barth specializes in the history of money and banking, with auxiliary interests in politics, culture, and the history of ideas. Barth is currently an Assistant Professor of History at Arizona State University, in affiliation with the Center for Political Thought and Leadership and the School for Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies. He is also my political alter ego (in a reasoned, controlled state).


Anonymous said...

Well it wouldn't be the first time. See "Silent Coup" by Len Colodny and Gettlin.

Sir H the Comet

gadfly said...

From the LA Times, an honest question:

So, is there actually a deep state in America?

Probably not.

“What the current administration believes to be the American deep state seems to be little more than the time-honored practice of leaking information to journalists in Washington,” [Steven A.] Cook, [a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations] said.

There may be more leaks now “because there are a lot of civil servants who apparently disagree with this administration,” he said. “There is no evidence of a cabal intent on overthrowing the administration.”

There are whack jobs on both sides of the aisle, but "Deep State" is another made-up term like "Fake News" to support the latest propaganda barrage.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Gadfly, IMO you are terribly wrong in limiting your judgement to this one example out of, what? 500? 1000?

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