Monday, May 01, 2017

Yucks and YUCK!


For my money Scott Ott (ScrappleFace), and perhaps PJ Gladnick, were the best satirists the WEB has produced.  Before Doug Ross created the Fabulous 50 Blog Awards, there were various other "Best Ever" lists, and Ott won every year, on every list, for best satirist. For some reason I lost trackhell, I lost memory of who it was that used to be that guy.  Finally found him by Googlng best satirists.  But here's what this is about. 

While Scrapple Face is on something of a hiatus, he's been doing short videos on Bill Whittle's web site. Which is where I came across this political hootenanny featuring Ott, Whittle and a third guy I don't recognize, but someone will, I'm sure, name him.  It's not a satire, but a thoughtful conversation about Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and other weasels.  And the case for why FBI's Comey, and Hillary, ought be behind bars.


bandmeeting said...

Stephen Green, I believe.

Nelson said...

Yep, Stephen Green a.k.a. VodkaPundit.

JLW III said...
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JLW III said...

What I meant to say is that Dave Burge aka Iowahawk is the current champion of the snarky comment.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Iowa hawk is a worthy companion.

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