Friday, June 09, 2017

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Massive Staff Walkout Planned at House Oversight Committee When Gowdy Takes Over, Chaffetz AWOL

However, as Chaffetz plans to leave within the next few weeks, many staff plan to leave with him. Many of the staffers leaving have ties to Chaffetz and are in fact fellow alumni of Brigham Young University. Many on the Hill refer to the large number of BYU alumni serving in federal government as the “Mormon mafia.”

The staffers claim their walkout is not necessarily in solidarity with Chaffetz, but more a pre-emptive move because they strongly suspect Trey Gowdy will make changes, or fire a lot of senior staff. The top staffers of the committee are David Rapallo and Susanne Sachsman, both Democrats, who each are paid $172,000 in salary. Of the entire committee staff of ninety, only two junior members are registered Republican: Alexander Miehls, and Michael Ding. (Dated May 27)


Skoonj said...

Don't let the doorknob hit ya.

MAX Redline said...

Should lower the water level in the swamp, much to the dismay of the blood-suckers there.

Anonymous said...

Of the entire committee staff of ninety, only two junior members are registered Republican:
Are you shitting me??!!!
Any wonder Holder is still walking around after being found in contempt of Congress?
Any wonder Gowdy rips liars guts out with pointed questions for years and nothing ever happened to those equivocating scum?
I hope all 90 of the leeches leave yesterday.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Murphy(AZ) said...

If you plan to drain the swamp, last thing you want to do is sort through the garbage and decide what's "their" garbage and what's "our" garbage.

It ALL needs to go, and Trey Gowdy might be just the person to get the process going.

rickn8or said...

Murphy(AZ)perfectly fine with me, as long as all the "documents" stay behind. (I look for a rash of "hard-drive failures" in the next few weeks.)

Eskyman said...

I have long enjoyed Trey Gowdy's verbal slicing-and-dicing of assorted evildoers; but somehow none of those asswipes ever ends up in jail, or gets fired, or has to repay the money they've stolen from taxpayers plus a huge fine, or suffers ANY bad consequences aside from momentary embarrassment. (If they're actually even embarrassed. How can one tell if a crocodile is embarrassed?)

So I'm not holding my breath on this appointment either. Let's hope that Gowdy can actually accomplish what he's so very good at talking about! If he can't- then it's just more Kabuki theater like we're used to seeing in the swamps of Washington.

Anonymous said...

So, Democrat staffers making 3 times what I do, that likely work against the Republican they are employed by, are leaving in a snit because they will almost certainly be fired? I'm trying to work my mind around the unfortunate part of that.

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