Saturday, June 03, 2017

"Please deposit 5¢"

Res Ipsa LoquiturGee Dad, it's a Wurlitzer!

 I didn't feel like washing my car in the driveway yesterday, so for the first time in maybe 10 years I took it to the car wash.   Not only was it fun to watch other people crawling around inside my car when it's 80° out,  but look what I found up in the corner. A pay phone!  When is the last time you saw a pay phone in a public space?  I haven't seen one  anywhere in years.  There will of course come a time when all of us will curse the fact that they've, along with prophylactic machines in gas stations, disappeared.


Anonymous said...

Back, way back- the local Fina gas station had a prophylactic dispenser. Cost a silver quarter. @4$ today. Next to it was another that dispensed "pecker stretchers" so I had to buy one to see how the little people coped. Out popped a plastic Woody Woodpecker and a tiny stretcher with a red cross on it. Woody had X's over his eyes. Worth every cent. Osti

MAX Redline said...

I saw a pay phone and booth yesterday. Apparently, they have them at Pacific Pride card-lock gas stations.

Unknown said...

Has anybody ever seen a gas station prophylactic dispenser that DOESN'T bear the graffito "This gum tastes like rubber"?

On a similar note, I've seen a lot of restroom hot-air hand-dryers on which someone has scrawled "Push button for a speech by Barack Obama" (or Hillary Clinton).

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