Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Free Speech Victory


Claremont McKenna College completes Student Conduct Process on April 6 blockade
Findings and Outcomes
On the evening of April 6, a group of approximately 170 individuals from the Claremont Colleges and others outside our community organized, led, and executed a blockade of the Athenaeum and the Kravis Center. They breached the perimeter safety and security fence and campus safety line, and established human barriers to entrances and exits. These actions deprived many of the opportunity to gather, hear the speaker, and engage with questions and comments.
The blockade breached institutional values of freedom of expression and assembly. Furthermore, this action violated policies of both the College and The Claremont Colleges that prohibit material disruption of college programs and created unsafe conditions in disregard of state law.
Through a review of available video and photographic evidence, the College initially identified twelve CMC students as potential participants in the blockade. After further review, the College charged ten students with violations of College policy. Three of those students were then found not responsible for any violation. After a full conduct investigation and review process for the remaining seven students, an independent community panel found each student responsible for policy violations.
-Three students received one-year suspensions.
-Two received one-semester suspensions.
-Two were put on conduct probation.
All sanctions include strong educational components.


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Dan said...

There should also be "real" criminal and civil penalties. I'm sure the blockaders actions violates some municipal, state laws or ordinances, and it looks like they were also depriving people of their civil right to free assembly.

Push 'em down with lawfare. Sue their pants off. Beat them down.

JeremyR said...

Since they like protesting so much, send them south to Venezuela. They can picket and blockade there to their little heart's content. Or until it contains bullets.

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