Saturday, July 15, 2017

If millennials were lumberjacks


Anonymous said...

At first I thought Village People redux, but, nah. The Village People could at least sing. I've associated the three-day stubble look with just that sort as soon as Hollywood and model metrosexuals started sporting that look. "Let me bed you baby. I just got back from Everest... well, actually, I took the stairs to my third floor office."
Not a bad send up.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Don Curton said...

I mentor co-op students at work in a chemical plant. We ride heavy duty bicycles to get around. One day a student comes up and tells me he has a flat tire. I hand him a new inner tube and a couple wrenches. He just stands there and stares at me with bewilderment. I realize he has no idea.

So I spend the next 30 minutes teaching him how to fix a flat. This is a 20 year old college student. He was so proud of learning that he included that in his end of term presentation.

I was swapping engines out of cars at his age. But you gotta start somewhere.

Anonymous said...
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Ralph Gizzip said...

Man, that was so gay.

Arthur said...

"If millennials were lumberjacks"

Crappy pine 2x4's would cost $20,000 per board-foot.

Cheesy said...

He cuts down trees, he skips and jumps
He likes to press wild flowers.
He puts on women's clothing and hangs around in bars.

Monty Python - Lumberjack Song

Anonymous said...

"Comment deleted
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator."

That "blog administrator" is obviously a fucking faggot who won't allow any mention of fucking faggots, even when fucking faggotry is fucking obvious.

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