Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Obamissariat                                      

I'm suspicious of that Obama photo, but at worst it's  a story illustration.  


0007 said...

The unanswered question is who, when, how, and why someone in the odumbo admin got her into the country after she was initially denied a visa

Anonymous said...

Wellll.... someone is forgetting what I think I read s'mwheress..

Ol' John McCain saw the 'report' and decided he should forward it to the FBI cus,
"as obvious a fake as it was, I could not take the change that DJT got elected.."
I mis-paraphrase purposely. Johnny wanted to throw a wrench, but he thought the wrench would just stop DJT rather than the ensuing months/years of pearl-clutching that will now occur. "If there is any chance SOMETHING happened, even if it was just the APPEARANCE of something, we MUST INVESTIGATE, or we will be derelict in our duty to bring down DJT" Tho, that will NOT be admitted in those words...
It is all a plot, just hatching a bit later than desired... and, there will be some sort of brouhaha every single day of the DJT administration unless he de-fangs them, and makes them look so ridiculous that no one pays any attention to them any more. See also: Dan Rather and "Selectype Fonts" used in 1954 ... (I lied about the year) and how that and Mary Mapes got him 86'd. Could not happen to someone more deserving...
The people that are doing this are really and truly trying to bring down an administration with innuendo. Not ONE FACT, just supposition and, perhaps, suspicion, but not one fact.
Shut down the WH press corp live video coverage, and pull the credentials for those who sell lies and innuendo. Freedom of the press should REQUIRE that facts be factual. What a concept, no?

Anonymous said...

^tomw, you're so radical. I nominate you for Press Secretary.
Let me know when you pull the credentials and make a vid of their faces. I wanna see that.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

oy vey ole' said...

Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь! - Obama

Skoonj said...

I took a year of Russian in college. My professor asked me to choose another language.

Years later I took Farsi on my own, and did very well with it. It was now a long time ago, and I look through my workbook and think DAMN! I really knew a lot of Farsi, and I was writing the snake squiggles!

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