Sunday, July 16, 2017

I'll have mine well done, waiter. Do you have A1 Sauce?


Kuroge Beef presented raw at the French Laundry (3-Michelin star restaurant in SF). This square of beef is worth the same amount of money as a decent car.


Anonymous said...

Looks just like corned beef, $2 for a 12 ounce can.
ignore amos

Eskyman said...

Looks like meat-colored formica, but it probably goes well with arugula.

Think I'll stick to meatloaf. Besides, you can put onions & jalapenos in meatloaf.

Dan said...

"This square of beef is worth the same amount of money as a decent car."
Uhhhh...Nah. They may CHARGE as much, but it sure is't WORTH as much.

SA-X4 said...

I don't like Spam !!

JeremyR said...

Dan, just cause they charge a lot for a car does not mean the car is worth a lot.

Anonymous said...

That texture looks like a photomicrograph of some form of hideous cancer.

Leonard Jones said...

Eskyman, don't be a sissy. Make it onions and Trinidad Scorpion or Carolina
Reaper peppers. Still trying to grow the 4 hottest species, and even have
48 Woozie bottles in order make WICKED sauces buddy!

Anyway, whatever that crap is, it better taste good at that price. I see
this as some type of formed meat like chicken sandwich patties at a fast food
joint. As a former cook, I can guarantee that is processed meat!

Cheesy said...

Agree! Looks just like a slice of Spam....

Murphy(AZ) said...

First: why am I not surprised that it's a FRENCH restaurant? And yes, it sure does look like Spam, don't it?

Second: Eskyman, you too? And sliced mushrooms!

Third: Leonard Jones, meatloaf should be like a never-ending science experiment; try this, try that, and if it tastes good and doesn't fall apart when you slice it, you have a winner. For me, I'm old school enough to still want to cook mine in an oven, not on the counter.

toadold said...

When I buy corned beef in a can I keep it in the refrigerator. It is easier to slice that way.

Unknown said...

Meanwhile, I'm selling whole beef tenderloins for $8.99 lb. We call 'em "Classic" -- they're ungraded, hence the price. I fix 'em Chateaubriand style ("The King of Steak") in a skillet at 450º F. for 15 min. (115º F. internal temp. when removed from heat); it's slightly crusty outside (I oil it and season liberally with McCormick's Montreal Steak™), blood rare inside, absolutely melts in your mouth, and I guarantee nobody will ever say "Hey, wait a minute, this isn't Choice!"

Eskyman said...

Thanks Murphy & Leonard,

For the meatloaf suggestions! Yes, mushrooms will go in nicely, and yes, I need to put in some higher-octane peppers!

(Tho in my defense, I usually add the hot stuff when it's on the plate. I can recommend Blair's 'Sudden Death Sauce' and Hot Headz 'Who Dares Burns' and can assure you that the burn continues long after consummation. Either will really start your engine!)

(WARNING: if you haven't tried these, try ONE drop first to check your heat tolerance- if you slather it on like catsup, I'd really like to hear how it went!)

If you haven't heard the story, here's a good one that's apropos:

Anonymous said...

Eskyman wrote:
"... the burn continues long after consummation."

We think you must've meant "consumption". A burn that continues long after consummation can usually be addressed with penicillin.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

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