Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kneeler Feelers

I’m officially over the Cowboys, the Patriots and the NFL. You were once one of the loves of my life. But now we’re breaking up, and it’s you, not me.

I’m not “boycotting” you. I just don’t care anymore.

You tried to make me care, but now I don’t care at all, about you. (William A. Jacobson)

Dallas Kneeling

The Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones locked arms and took a knee in unity prior to the national anthem, but the message was clear.  Maybe Jerry Jones forgets that Dallas is not San Francisco ... or even Austin.  The good news (for the good guys)  is  the NFL lost another 9% of its audience last week. 



Anonymous said...

I would boycott but I quit NFL long ago. Those privileged spoiled millionaires lost me years ago.

Anonymous said...

We have gone FULL Snowflake. The indoctrination has even reached the graduates of the University Pottery Classes, the knuckle dragging, women beating, dopers. I for one have given up on them two years ago and have no intentions of going back.

Why the Owners have allowed Goodell to destroy this organization is beyond me. A deflated football became a Supreme Court case, but disrespecting our Nation, The Flag, Our Anthem and Our Military . . . . . Not so Much!

My best advice to save anything that is left. . . . .

Put down the Estrogen and go back to the Steroids


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Yup, I'm into BIG SPIT mode.

Anonymous said...



Eskyman said...

There goes another American institution.

Football won't go away, it'll just go through some minor changes, like: the new football will be black & white, and round.

All the new Americans, who are replacing us old rejected Americans, prefer it that way. Oh, and "USA UAS USA" won't be our chant anymore, it'll be "Ole Ole Ole," and some others that can't be written down due to obscenity.

Oh well. There's still Women's Tennis, but they lost me when they started grunting. Maybe I should take another look. Football & basketball are all thugs all the time, and I'm not watching them!

oy vey ole' said...

He (Jerry Jones) took the knee THEN he didn't take the knee. Go figure.

Murphy(AZ) said...

For a smart guy, Jerry Jones sure seems dumber than a box of rocks. Good luck making payroll when your fans wander off and it's going to start coming out of his pocket.

Anonymous said...

NFL = No Fans Left.

Adios, MF.

Sir H the Comet

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