Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Show Us Your Twits!

Frat banner probed for causing 'uncomfortable feelings'

The banner, which faced a neighboring sorority recruitment event, said “New Members Free House Tours!”

The school launched a Title IX investigation into the incident after a student reported the banner, claiming it caused “uncomfortable feelings.

Delta Tau Delta;  University of Md, 1961
"And we liked it that way."

Frat Sign
Members of Wichita State University's Phi Delta Theta fraternity caused controversy Saturday when they hung a banner from a balcony that read, "New members... free house tours."

In a tweet, the Wichita State Student Affairs Office responded saying, "WSU does not condone sexual harassment in any form."

WSU Student Affairs later issued the following statement:

“After reviewing the incident involving a banner posted at Phi Delta Theta fraternity last week, WSU Student Affairs doesn’t believe university disciplinary action is appropriate. Any action taken by the fraternity chapter and its members is independent of the university decision. The banner triggered uncomfortable feelings, but the banner was protected speech under the First Amendment.”

Just more evidence about how loony the loony left have become.  While Wichita State finally got it right, had this been Cal Berkeley, to name just one of the "out of their minds"  bastion of Cally nincompoopery, the frat would have been shut down, and members charged with ... something.  Actually this is all to the good.  California, especially, have become the North Korea of Academia, and will continue on their suicidal ways until being hoist on they own retard.

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Eskyman said...

Once I was able to sing dirty frat ditties for several hours without repeating myself; most had any number of leeringly disgusting lyrics. Some were suggestive; others were smutty, indecent, provocative or risqué, if not downright immoral and obscene. So I'm not unfamiliar with the concept.

It baffles me though- how can "NMFHT" or "New Members Free House Tours" "trigger uncomfortable feelings" akin to sexual harrassment? I don't get it.

Apparently I need a young person to explain this to me, as I'm too innocent to understand!

(LSMFT might cause discomfort too: usually the symptoms were dry mouth, a cough, and a raw throat; but it wasn't considered sexual harrassment- it was just a cigarette promo!)

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