Monday, November 06, 2017

American Pie



This was fun.  When we lived in Chicago it was must watch. Not-to meant being left out of an important part of next day's school yard culture.  When my dad accepted a job in Baltimore, the first thing  me and sis did  after our first day of new school was tune in ABC.  Except, it wasn't there. Bandstand; not ABC.  Instead there was a doofess Buddy Dean Show (the later inspiration for John Waters' Hair Spray).  No Bob.  No Justine.   We were in genuine panic.  I opened the patio door and took the antenna outside while Barbara switched channels. And, by God, she yelled THERE!   Channel 8 (Philadelphia)!  A fuzzy Dick Clark.  I sent Barb out to move the rabbit ears around, hoping to ... .  Nope.  The fuzzy picture faded to snow. Nothing left but the promise of what lay 50 miles North.  At least we were later able to tune in the next episode of Spin and Marty on the Mouse Club.


caplight45 said...

It was channel 6 in Philly. WFIL the ABC affiliate. The old West Philly studios on Market St. One of my neighbors used to go down after school and we would see him dance on the TV.

toadold said...

"It has a nice beat and you can dance to it", At school, "Other wise it kind of sucked."

Anonymous said...

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was raised by my Maternal grandparents for three years in the 60s. The summer of '64 til the summer of '67. And every Saturday night we watched Lawrence Welk. Every Monday my friends in school discussed the latest foibles of Gilligan. I was oblivious. But to this day I do have an appreciation for the music of Johnny Mercer. And the Lennon Sisters. And Myron Floyd. Etc. And I did get to finally enjoy Gilligan's Island through the miracle of syndication.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Five stars Tim

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