Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Obama. Comey. Mueller. Click-Click


Isn’t it curious that Barack Obama appointed James Comey to lead the FBI the same year that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of Benghazi was just getting started? Wouldn’t you like to see a new Special Counsel asking all of these questions?



1) Why was James Comey allowed to oversee the Clinton investigation given the fact that he is personally wealthy due to his association with the Clinton Foundation and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

2) Is it possible that the millions of dollars in James Comey’s personal bank account, due to his private sector work that intersected directly with the Clinton Foundation and former Secretary Clinton, tainted the outcome of the investigation in any way?

First off, Comey is not a hard-charging “Republican lawman” as many Members of Congress have referred to him. Comey became an Assistant US Attorney for the Clinton administration in 1996. And get this: At the time, Comey became good friends with Robert Mueller, the current Special Counsel conducting the Russiagate witch hunt against President Trump.

Comey and Mueller were described as “rising stars” in the Clinton Justice Department when they were both mentored by (drumroll please…) Eric Holder. Yes, that Eric Holder.

Here’s where things start to look really fishy. Comey took a break from working in the Justice Department from 2005 until 2013. So what did he do in that time? Well, he’s a lawyer, so one of the jobs he took during his sabbatical from the DOJ was to serve as the lead counsel for weapons contractor Lockheed Martin. As the main attorney for Lockheed Martin, Comey was no doubt intimately involved in all of the weapons contracts that the company procured through the State Department and the Pentagon.

In 2010 — while Comey was working at Lockheed Martin — the company donated $250,000 to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton was paid $250,000 to deliver a speech in Egypt that year by the American Chamber of Commerce (Lockheed Martin is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce).

Just a few days before that speech, Lockheed received approval for two new weapons contracts from the Clinton-run State Department. In fact, over the course of that entire year, Lockheed Martin won approval for 17 separate weapons contracts that needed approval from the State Department.

Lockheed Martin paid James Comey $6 million for his services in 2010. But Comey’s private sector work that rubbed up against the Clinton Foundation didn’t stop there. [THE FULL MONTY]

The CIA's been problematic since formed from bones of the O.S.S. after WW2.  The first incidents that  spelled FBI corruption surfaced in Arkansas after Clinton became president.  Today both agencies have been run as a political fiefdoms where corruption is an open secret. And, may I add, a prime argument for protecting Second Amendment rights.

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