Friday, November 10, 2017

Sessions needs the boot


What’s Wrong with Jeff Sessions?
Like you haven't axed youself that 100 times

Kick His Ass

To start with the conclusion, President Trump is long overdue in firing his Attorney General Jeff Sessions and there are quite a few reasons for that. The thing is, Sessions has become a liability to Trump’s administration rather than an asset and, more than that, he’s become a liability to the United States. That’s why he needs to go, the sooner, the better.

It is true that both Republicans and Democrats threatened the President they will not confirm a new AG provided Jeff Sessions is given the boot. However, Trump can name an interim AG for an undetermined period of time, and that would solve the issue with an uncooperative Senate, at least until the midterm elections in 2018 when the RINOs will be ousted (hopefully).

Moving on with the story ...
The onlyest thing I can think of is "Stockholm Syndrome". Whatever it is, I'm getting the hives with worry that, oh, maybe 625 'crats will walk free.  This, however, may be the key  ... .

However, Trump can name an interim AG for an undetermined period of time ... 
 Maybe Trump didn't know that. Now he does.  You're welcome. 


Steve in Greensboro said...

I am sure that Trump can make Sessions life miserable enough that he will resign.

But who would be the replacement? Mark Levin, Larry Klayman, Jay Sekulow, Victoria Toensing and Joseph DiGenova as Joint AGs?

My preference would be my badly trained German Shepherd bitch who would be let loose to roam the halls and bite career DoJ staff. But that’s just me.

Arthur said...

"But who would be the replacement?"

Bag of Hammers, Box of Rocks, Some Week Old Chinese...

It wouldn't take much. Anyone capable of not recusing themselves from doing their jobs twice an hour would do the trick.

Anonymous said...

" 'However, Trump can name an interim AG for an undetermined period of time ..."
Maybe Trump didn't know that. Now he does. You're welcome."

Oh, he KNOWS that, and has since there were "issues" with the Sessions nomination.

Problem IS: we don't know WHY Trump is not taking action on this.

Jess said...

I think Sessions was chosen because the local winos under the bridge were at the shelter on the cold night Trump was out looking for an Attorney General.

Anonymous said...

I've always been a huge Jeff Session's fan. He was fearless while in the Senate and took the lead and spearheaded the fight on all the right issues.

Since being appointed AG he has been very disappointing. His recusal and apparent inaction is unacceptable. I'm hoping that since it's the usual policy that the DOJ or the FBI normally doesn't comment on ongoing investigations, I'm holding out hope that something is in the works or that a Grand Jury has been impaneled.

His shelf life is quickly expiring if it isn't the case.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

My pick ... Ann Coulter

toadold said...

Weinstein, he's pissed that the Dims are turning on him after he gave them so much money and access to women. Now he'd demand anal from Pelosi before he'd do any favors......Film at 11.

rickn8or said...

Perhaps Trump is waiting until after the special election to replace Sessions in the Senate. It would be embarrassing for Sessions not to last until then. And trading Senator Sessions for Senator Moore or Senator Democrat would be a downgrade.

Eskyman said...

Like Geo above, I've been hoping that one day I'll wake up and find huge red headlines at Drudge, announcing the overnight arrest and indictment of a large number of felons, many of whom are ex- or current government officials.

God knows there are plenty of crooks to choose from, and I'd love to see a certain Hag and a couple of past Attorney Generals at the top of the list. A certain felon whose skin matches his heart color is more than I can hope for, but wouldn't that be wonderful!

Sadly, it doesn't look like that is going to happen, except in my sweet dreams; so I agree, it's time to pull Jeff Sessions & replace him.

Sessions just isn't cutting the mustard!

Tom said...

Sessions has been around long enough that the FBI would have assembled a background file on him that was in existence during the Clinton Administration. There are other elected and appointed government officials whose conduct has been difficult to comprehend or explain in certain situations given their prior performance. I think it's time for a full accounting of those files.

Drew said...

I believe that Trump, Sessions, Mueller and Flynn are playing a long game of "kill the beast" There are dozens of sealed indictments that when opened and executed will bring down the swamp machine.
Be patient. The hammer is gonna fall.

pdwalker said...

I want to believe, but I won’t hold my breath.

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