Monday, December 04, 2017

Billy Kushner?


1 – Kushner would create a Palestinian state despite the current Palestinian “unity government” with Hamas terrorists.

Huh? Well that got my attention

2 – Kushner is dangerously conditioning a larger Arab-Israel peace with the creation of a Palestinian state.
3 – Kushner pushed the Palestinian propaganda lie that the so-called Israeli Palestinian conflict is at the center of driving regional instability.
4 – Kushner’s “peace” drive promotes the fiction that the Palestinian Authority is a partner for peace.
5 – Kushner’s plan to create a Palestinian state would harm U.S. national security interests.
6 – Kushner scandalously drew moral equivalencies between Israel and the PA.

Okay Skoonj, you could have stopped after #1.  Is this guy Trump's Billy Carter?


Skoonj said...

Kushner doesn't have a beer named after him.

Skoonj said...

As an aside, in 1971 the "Palestinians" were largely living in Jordan. It was then that they attempted to overthrow the king, our friend King Hussein. They failed. In the ensuing moments, the Jordanians killed thousands of them, and permanently evicted them from Jordan.

Tom Smith said...

Not one Arab country want these vagabonds.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Nice reminder Skoonj. But, alas, the people who need this bit of history don't read history.

toadold said...

Also the last thing the "Palestinians" want is the creation of a state for them. If a state is created for them they will be held responsible as a sovereign nation. They will probably be denied access to the sea, will need passports, probably wont be allowed to go on Haj by the Soodies. and etc. If they turn down the creation of state for them they are going to have to make explanations, excuses, etc. and run the risk of the EU money machine coming to a halt. They want to kill all the Israelis, take their land, and anything not nailed down, a Paleo state will put pressure on them to recognize Israel and don't want that...Catch 22.

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